Earthship and Tire Wall Construction


50 pages. How-to eTextbook for earthships and tire wall buildings. Covers Layout, Orientation, Pounding Tires, Tire Building Code, Can & Bottle Walls, Buttresses, Footings and more.


Table of Contents

  • Building Layout
    • The Pythagorean Theorem
    • Orientation
  • Tire Work 
    • Setup: Start properly & double check everything. 
    • Pounding Tires 
    • Tire Pounding Details
    • Tire Building Code
    • Retaining Walls
    • Harvesting Tires
  • Can & Bottle Work
    • Can Work
    • Bottle Walls
    • How to Make Bottle Bricks
    • Concrete Mix for Can & Bottle Walls
    • How to build can & bottle walls
    • Plastering Can/Bottle Walls
    • Harvesting Cans & Bottles
  • Buttresses
    • Buttress Footings
    • Forming the buttress
  • Footings
    • Interior Footings
    • Exterior Footings
  • Door and Window Boxes
    • Bottom Plates 
    • Build and Place the Boxes 
    • Top Plates 
    • Harvesting recycled wood
  • Concrete Bond Beam 
  • Place the Steel 
  • Form for the Bond Beam 
    • Pour the Bond Beam 
    • Bond Beam Wood Plates 
  • Vaulted Arches 
  • Vapor Barriers 
    • Permeance of building materials 
    • Vapor permeability of concrete 
  • History of Green Buildings 

Building Layout

Layout your building with string lines on a “table top” (flat and relatively level building site) as per the Layout Sheet in your construction drawing set. 

When creating squares and rectangles on the ground, use string lines using the Pythagoras Method. This insures the right angles are square, meaning each corner forms a precise 90 degree angle. 

To have an overall layout that is square, the diagonal measurements of all squares and rectangles must be the same. 

The dimensions of the rectangle depend upon your specific design of your building. See the Layout Sheet in your construction drawing set.


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