3 bedroom, 2 bath Global Model Earthship Construction Drawings


For the developed world. This design can be modified for almost any climate. This design can be customized for any size or adjustment. The cost per square foot is around $230 per sf. These construction drawings are $2,000. When owner builders build this design, 40% of the cost to build can be removed. Ships in standard architectural drawings tube.



Construction Set Drawings

  • A1 Floor Plan
  • A2 Tire Wall Floor Plan
  • A3 Footing Plan
  • A4 Buttresses
  • A5 Frontface Structure
  • A6 North/South Section
  • A7 East/West Section
  • A8 Framing Plan
  • A9 Wall Details
  • A10 Truss Details
  • M1 Water Supply
  • M2 AC Electrical Plan
  • M3 DC Electrical Plan
  • M4 Greywater Plan
  • M5 Blackwater Plan
  • M6 Structural Notes
  • TBC Tire Building Code


Global Model Earthship Construction Drawings
Global Model Earthship

section 3bed 2bath 2car garage

floor plan water supply earthship 3bed

Earthship Construction Drawings Three Bedroom Earthship with a two car garage.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 3 x 3 in