Pangea Builders. Together As One.

Pangea Earthship Buildings and Systems are beyond Platinum LEED, meet and exceed the Uniform Building Codes and have been built over the last 40 years worldwide.

What we can do together for the people of Philadelphia

  • – eliminate homelessness.
  • – eliminate poverty.
  • – eliminate hunger through urban food production.
  • – teach ‘green skills’
  • – create ‘green jobs’

What we would like to do NOW through the next five years.

  • – Build small homes for homeless people and people in poverty.
  • – for free, they help build and learn. residency is timed, has requirements.
  • – Build a large demonstration, education/community center in Philadelphia. Classrooms, Educational Installations, etc. ‘An Embassy of Sustainability’.
  • – Build multiple large greenhouses providing year-round, local food production.
  • – creates jobs and food.
  • – Retrofit Schools, Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Departments, Community Centers, Shelters, Governments buildings, etc.
  • – save money, strengthen buildings, improve education (re-open schools).
  • – Begin teaching this at area Universities
  • – integrate into the curriculum of area Universities.
  • – Build a Whole Earth School teaching and developing this work.

What is needed

  • – land, any sized pieces of land. small, medium and large.
  • – run-down buildings and properties (can retrofit and make safe).
  • – money for construction materials
  • – access to construction waste streams to recycle materials
  • – access and use of city resources, tools, materials, expertise, skills, knowledge, labor, etc. (we heavy lift together)
  • – money only for crew labor (some crew is micro-local hired labor)
  • – money is NOT needed for managerial and senior staff.
  • – amend building codes to encourage these methods and systems.

This building method and its systems have been in practice for over 40 years around the world.

  • comfort independent: heating and cooling with no fossil fuels.
  • water independent: catch water from the sky. filtered, potable. grid-intertie.
  • energy independent: solar, wind, biofuels. grid-intertie.
  • waste independent: on-site, contained liquid waste treatment. grid-intertie.
  • food independent: food production on site designed in.

Who We Are

Pangea Builders, a Pennsylvania based company.

Our Mission

To make sustainable design, systems, construction and buildings accessible to all people and to elevate living standards while teaching students with curriculum, classroom and in the field studies.


Pangea Builders is a company that exists to bring sustainable solutions to the issues facing an evolving planet. Buildings should be accessible to everyone and should be sustainable and strong in all climates, locations and disasters (natural & man-made).

Pangea Builders offers community development services that allow individuals, communities, and cities to completely thrive as independently and sustainably as possible.

We have been developing this building method for over 40 years.  The methods and systems that it has developed have been used repeatedly and have been proven reliable worldwide in any climate.  Pangea Builders is prepared to bring these methods and system to the city of Philadelphia.

Moving Forward

Pangea Builders provides sustainable solutions to the issues facing an evolving planet which are applied to buildings, systems, transportation, food and more.

Pangea Builders has initially focused on developing structures for home and business use that are completely self-contained in that they do not draw any power or water or rely on any sewer system.  In addition, the Company can implement sustainable solutions into existing structures in order to reduce environmental impact and costs.  For example, the Company can implement a solar power system on a building that could cut its electrical bills from 25% to 100%.

Pangea Builders is an education and research focused company. We teach students utilizing every project we can providing real world experiences improving our community. These students learn ‘green skills’ through hands-on and classroom time providing skilled workers ready for today’s ‘green oriented’ society.

What does Philadelphia look like with thousands of Sustainable Buildings?

  • Earthship and Passive House Buildings bring tax paying citizens without taxing the infrastructure.
  • All vacant land, run-down buildings, backs of restaurants cleaned up.
  • Tons of materials diverted from landfills and used in these buildings.
  • Known as one of the cleanest cities in the world.
  • Philadelphia continues to be the example of independence for the world.

The people and therefore society becomes more and more independent & strong.

The People living in Earthship Buildings

  • Never too cold or too hot. Very little time and money is spent on keeping the building warm or cool. A sense of security is felt as they know their building will always be comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.
  • Know the water is clean. Very little money is spent on using city water as the need is little to none. People know they will always have clean, potable water no matter what happens outside: power outages, contaminations, etc.
  • Use little to no city-grid power. Earthship buildings use much less energy than a conventional home while providing the same modern amenities. Earthship Buildings allow for smaller and more affordable renewable power systems. People know they will always have electricity no matter what happens outside.
  • Reduce the burden on city septic and sewer systems. Earthship systems treat all liquid waste on site in contained treatment planters. Toilets are flushed with treated greywater that was used to do the dishes the day before.
  • Never go hungry. Earthship systems design-in food production planters. Buildings, neighborhoods and entire communities of earthship buildings will never go hungry.

Local, Recycled Building Materials

Recycling: Construction materials are sourced from landfills, other construction sites, businesses and from the city itself before the landfills. We work directly with area businesses.

All materials can be used in these building and systems, besides basic kitchen trash and similar. All methods are completely compliant with the current Uniform Building Code and even exceed them in engineering and safety.

Some of the recycled materials used in these buildings and systems: tires, cans, bottles, sides of kitchen appliances and car doors, lumber, steel, concrete rubble.

City Infrastructure

Reduce the burden on city grids, provide more security to the people. As more and more buildings become retrofitted with this building method and its systems, less and less energy, water is needed from the city. As more and more buildings treat some/all of its liquid waste, the burden on city sewer systems is reduced. This creates more strength in the people, the city and the city infrastructure.

Visitors, Tourism, The Public, Students

‘Green skilled’ workers, highly in-demand are created through this program. Tens, Hundreds, then Thousands of people become skilled and experienced in these methods and systems. These people start out as homeless people, as career-switcher, as veteran, as formerly incarcerated, as retirees… the spectrum is covered. These skills and knowledge is available to all people.

Jobs. Create Jobs. Then create more jobs. As more buildings are built and retrofitted, more people are needed to do the work. The ‘green-skilled’ and trained people are also needed to further grow this program. This quickly grows to hundreds and hundreds of jobs created, then thousands.

Bring in external revenue to the city and its people. Through partnerships with the tourism industry, the city can show off to the world and the world will come. ‘Super green’ hotels, retrofitted buildings around the city, the Whole Earth School and more become attractions and points of interest. People from around the world will visit Philadelphia to learn, see and experience these sustainable solutions.

No promotions, No media, No Press. This is a story about the people, not a story about the program. It is advised the focus regarding the media is to keep the hype down. No big announcements, no press releases… just work.

The problems and issues with thousands of Earthship Buildings in Philadelphia.

People are afraid of change. Earthship Buildings are built differently and with different materials but can look the same as conventional buildings. Initially, people may be concerned with using recycled materials. When the people experience the performance and stability of Earthship Buildings, everything changes.
This is an initial and temporary issue.

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