World Green Building Week is the flagship event of the global green building movement – organised by the World Green Building Council and led by its network of 74 Green Building Councils and their 27,000 member companies. The week raises awareness of green buildings around the world, highlighting how they are the most effective means to achieving a range of environmental, social and economic goals, from addressing climate change to creating sustainable homes, businesses and communities – better places for people to live, work and play.
This year World Green Building Week takes place from 26 September to 2 October.

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WorldGBC provides the platform for Green Building Councils, their members and major leaders around the world to showcase on the global stage how their actions and leadership are helping to deliver green buildings in their own countries, and to celebrate the positive outcomes they lead to.

Each Green Building Council and their members set their own agenda. It’s entirely up to them how they use the campaign and adapt it to suit their own priorities – from hosting events to publishing reports – but we encourage all those in the green building movement to be as engaged as possible.

At COP21 in Paris last year, we positioned green building as a solution to global warming through our Better Build Green campaign. The message was simple: not only had we better build green if we are to reach a two-degree world tomorrow, but we are better off today if we do.

Our theme for 2016 is ‘Change Your Perspective’, an evolution of Better Build Green.

There are so many interesting and often untold facts and figures that can genuinely change how people think about buildings, and specifically green building. We need them to understand the impact and benefits that green building can have on global emissions, energy, water, health and wellbeing, the economy and beyond.

It’s time to change their perspective.

Building momentum year on year

Each year, more and more events are held during World Green Building Week. As interest grows, Green Building Councils, businesses and others are recognising the potential of acting together, making our movement more visible and more vibrant.

We will continue to track progress so that World Green Building Week gets bigger and better each year.

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