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Earthships are advanced sustainable “off-the-grid/grid-ready” homes with minimal reliance on both public utilities and fossil fuels. These structures rely primarily on sun energy to power all a home’s power needs.  This Myakka, Florida earthship build provides an exceptional educational opportunity to learn hands-on skills that provides an ability to build a residence of one’s own or a start a new career.  More than 10,000 earthship residences of various sizes have been built throughout the world.

Jonah Reynolds, owner of Pangea Builders, based in Doylestown, PA,  is overseeing Myakka Earthship Workshops and the construction build December 11, 2017 through February 2, 2018. He is an experienced designer and builder and lecturer of earthships and will be accompanied to Florida by an earthship team.  “We are working on an incomplete owner-build Earthship, located just outside Myakka,” Reynolds said. “The structural shell and mechanical systems will be our focus the next few months (no power as yet),” he added. The project may extend to become a Sustainable Building School and Permaculture Instate and residence.

An Earthship build typically mixes a experienced team with locals and students from out-of-state interested in learning sustainable techniques.  Mr. Reynolds is on hand to provide expertise and discuss sustainable and passive building design and construction for single and multi-family structures. Alternative sustainable housing offers solutions to important issues such as: energy, water, food, shelter, sewage, recycling and economics.

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Week-long Workshops include hands-on building instruction and experience as well as discussion on the background and theory of earthships, sustainability construction and theory. This Workshop fee includes a copy of Whole Earth, a 700-page curriculum text book that illustrates in detail the various parts of sustainable construction methods. Chapters range from electrical systems and catch-water system to food production and more. One-day Workshops are available as well. For additional information about the Myakka Earthship Workshops go to and click on Myakka Earthship Build/Click for Details.

Pangea Builders is an educational and research organization providing sustainable buildings for residential, commercial and government use;

For more information and press inquiries:
Jonah Reynolds / Pangea Builders

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